A massive thank you to the lovely team at livelovearmenia for the kind message & wrist bands, much… https://t.co/VlUczAdZSL
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New @WitchcraftBand song, that riff is heavy!!! WITCHCRAFT - The Outcast (OFFICIAL TRACK) https://t.co/DIhpvuIwrl
RT @tarverdiphotogr: Snapshot of Armenia (GoPro Adventure) #LLASNAPSHOT https://t.co/y8me4sTzqJ via @YouTube Awesome video check it out!
Watch 'Snapshot of Armenia' -my recent trip to Armenia, please share with the hashtag #LLASNAPSHOT - https://t.co/o20UwTd4PO #GoPro #Armenia
This show blew my tiny little mind yesterday! My birthday present, hakuna matata! Thank you… https://t.co/03kyW0gKUx
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